This vlog is my second time at Winter Wonderland.

FYI: The first time, I dressed to look good rather than warm, underestimating the cold, and almost turned into a good-looking ice cube. This time I dressed for warmth, and turned up at Wonderland looking like a black Eskimo.


And this time security guards were waiting for us at the entrance, ready to nosy into any bags we were carrying inside. Yup, they were guarding against terrorists. Shout out to those guards who – for OUR safety – were searching bags for bombs and ish with their damn hands. Salute!

This vlog was filmed with my SLR camera, Canon EOS M. That means I had no problem capturing night footage. But shed a tear for a person with me who couldn’t get the camera on their phone to adjust to the beautiful lights. 🙁


We went home via Oxford Street where there were more beautiful lights (for Xmas). Apparently, Oxford Street has been displaying Xmas lights as a yearly tradition, since 1959. Quick questions:

  • Yearly, how much does the government pay for all these lights?
  • Yearly, how much does the government pay to get these lights put up? (and taken back down?)
  • Isn’t it more in the Christmas spirit to donate all that money to Oxfam, RSPCA, or other good cause?

I digress.

Did you go to Winter Wonderland?

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