The Heron Tower, AKA The Salesforce Tower, is one of the few skyscraper restaurants with a lift that is an event in itself.

Going up, the magic isn’t just the spectacular view through the glass lift – it’s also the surprising speed. The experience is like being on the launch of a smooth and quiet, space shuttle built in the year 4016.

FYI: Going down in the lift doesn’t suck, either.

And just when you think the view couldn’t get any more spectacular, one discovers the lounge on the roof balcony. Beautiful sights of the city lights, dancing to the visual rhythm of London….

And the enchanting harmonies of a live band washes over you, seeps into you, stirring memories that have not been seen in years….

It’s so nostalgic and elegant, one might order a passing waiter to bring back a martini, “shaken not stirred”.

Waiter: May I ask your name, sir?
Fly Guy: HuMan. Jerry the HuMan.

Finding a gem-of-a-place like this in London is always note worthy. It’s good to be a “collector” of beautiful places. Sometimes us Londoners just need to rediscover London, unearth its golden experiences that have been hiding from us for far too long.

What are your favorite places?

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