January – start of the 2015, New Year has arrived. Again. And for ambitious people like myself, it has put a blistering spot-light on my procrastination in the previous year. Again.

Mercifully, it also shines a light on the many opportunities of 2015. New opportunities to grasp and make up for the opportunities I let pass me by in 2014 (that’s how I like to think of it).

So, here we are, making New Year’s resolutions. Again. And hoping they don’t turn into New Year’s lies.

I just have one resolution: Everything I do must be worth my time.

Whether I choose to use that time to work on a project or have aimless fun, everything I do must be worth my time.

Essentially, that means:

  • ONLY interacting with people who I’m building a relationship with
  • ONLY interacting with people who I’m interested in building a relationship with
  • Spending more time to experience new, different things
  • Setting and achieving personal goals at a faster pace

No more doing stuff just to do it.

They say time is money, which isn’t true. Time is priceless – we only get ONE life.

Happy New Year – spend your time wisely – no, spend it like Yoda!

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