This vlog is the second time my job flew me out to Delft, in the space of just a month.


It is for my Onboarding aka new employee induction. Feel free to nosy my schedule, below.


At the HQ in Delft

1 Welcome

Dear [company] Colleague,

Welcome to your first of hopefully many visits to the [training centre] in Delft. Before you embark on your trip, we would like to provide you with some practical information.

When you have any questions left after reading this letter, you can contact [Jane Doe]. [Jane] is your contact person from the [training centre] and can be reached via
e-mail: [email].


2 The Interactive session(s)

2.1 Start training

The training will start on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014 at 09.00. On this date you are expected at the reception of [company] on [place] in Delft (the Netherlands).

The dress code is business casual. This means a business suit or tie is not necessary,for example jeans a (button) shirt and dress pants are fine.

2.2 Training program

The Interactive session(s) take place at the HQ in Delft and the Corporate program – organized by the [learning centre] – will take one day. Depending on your business unit, you may also be invited for one or two additional introduction training days for your specific BU.

2.3 Training hours & location

The training day starts at 09.00 and will end at around 17.30. Lunch will be provided. On Thursday a food and drink event is organized and even if you only have a one day program you are invited.

The training takes place at the [learning centre], which is in the corporate headquarters. The address is: [address]

2.4 Training materials

During the training all the necessary materials are arranged for you. Computers are available in the training rooms; therefore it is not necessary to bring your laptop.

3 Travel arrangements

If you are in need of a flight or hotel, contact your local Travel Arranger or manager.













Can you spot me in my Onboarding pic, above?

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