Our Sun is dying.

A lot of people are ignorant to this fact. And the majority of those that are aware choose not to think about it.

Besides, threats of human extinction are so far away, it’s not worth stressing about….

But what if I was to point out that we ARE close to extinction.

According to the Royal Society it will be “brought about by one of the very species ultimately at risk – ourselves”.


  • Over-consumption of animals (wiping out entire species, such as the Dodo)
  • Air Pollution (creating damage, such as piercing holes in our protective Ozone layer)
  • Water pollution (causing damage, such as poisoning the water animals we eat)
  • Soil pollution (killing things leaving in the area – including humans)
  • Decreasing the plant population (encouraging global warming)
  • And on and on

Ok, so how close is extinction?

Well, there are already leading scientists estimating our extinction in 100 years.

And even though I estimate his estimation to be premature, the big question is: How premature? And why the f**k isn’t everybody taking extinction more seriously? Why isn’t everybody recycling, promoting sustainability, reducing polution output, etc.

Then I think back to that dying Sun…. If it isn’t happening in this life time, it must be too far out into the future to be worth stressing about.

Us humans are interesting.

F**king interesting.

Our Sun is Dying


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