A sexual health test is always scary. And the “scary” starts the moment you decide to get tested, stalking you – daily – all the way to the test results.

I‘ve had about 15 tests in my life, and I’ve never felt comfortable with the “scary”. I doubt anybody does. It’s the classic fear of the unknown….

Am I carrying a virus?

Has it had time to do permanent damage?

Is it H.I.V?

Short of becoming a celibate monk, there’s nothing we can do to guarantee we won’t catch a sexual virus. Even marriages have been shown not to be virus proof (cheaters!)

But, of course, there are things that I do to greatly minimise the possibility of catching an STD:

  • Condoms: I wear condoms religiously. Amen.
  • No low quality: I don’t get with girls that aren’t girlfriend material (the experience ALWAYS left me feeling like I should have used my time for better things)
  • No players: OK, if I’m single, and she’s beautiful, this probably goes out the window. Some of the most beautiful girls I’ve got with have been players who prey on hunks. They like my muscles and my muscles like them….

When was the last time you had a sexual health test?

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