So my colleagues and I went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party at a hotel, Park Plaza (Sherlock Holmes London). And the party was actually led by Sherlock Holmes! Well, it was actually an actor but that didn’t stop everybody from getting excited.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of partaking in a Murder Mystery Dinner Party, then you know it’s like a life-like game of Cluedo. Basically, some unlucky soul is murdered, and clues are “discovered” until the participants catch the culprits’ ass.

It’s fun – as long as you don’t mind regular pieces of evidence being discovered and interrupting your damn three-course meal. Lol.

After the murder game was over, I took the liberty of jumping into some threads from the 18th century (the century of Sherlock Holmes).

Murder Mystery Party Picture

I’m fascinated with history and for a split second I found myself actually about to leave, head out to my horse. Then I was going to ride back to my manor house, awaited by a butler and buxom maid. Then I was going to stairway up to my well-booked study, pluck a quill off my desk, and write a VERY important letter….

I digress.

Have you been to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party? How was it?

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