The kinds of people I spot while out and about, maaan….

If you’re looking for weird and wonderful folk, London is a great place to find them. And truly, we’re all weird and wonderful, some of us just don’t hide it 🙂

However, in this vlog it is the aged opera-singing, street sweeper that I find the most interesting:

  • Once upon a time did he go to an Opera school?
  • How did he end up street sweeping?
  • Was he sweeping up broken dreams of being a professional, Opera singer?

The more questions asked, the more the sweeper clip goes from surprising and funny to sad and introspective….

….The sweeper could be a metaphor for life: Whatever you want to do, do it before it’s too late. And even when they say it’s “too late”, still find a way to do the damn thing.


I recently watched a documentary about people on their deathbeds. What’s noteworthy is that none of these dying people regret anything that they had done. The only regrets were things that they didn’t do.


Want to start a hobby? Do it. Want to start the gym? Do it. Want to take over the world? Do that ish!

What do you think of this vlog?

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