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….Finally, not having a job became more painful than job hunting.  Then I started emailing out CVs. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse….I developed a twitching eye.


Yeah, I was trying to talk my ish in job interviews with one eye body popping. Don’t ask how many interviews I flopped because of my eye. Don’t ask.

My natural instinct wasn’t to go see my doctor (I hadn’t had to see that cat in years). My natural instinct was to play Dr. Jerry.

The self-diagnosis of my eye twitching was eye strain; too much time in front of my laptop, sending out damn CVs. Conclusion reached, a number of attempted self-solutions followed. The most epic? The day before an interview, I attempted to give my eye muscles a break: I lay on my bed, curtains closed and my eyes shut, listening to soothing music, for virtually the WHOLE day ( Did it work? No!

Finally, I went to see my doctor about my eye twitch. And this dude didn’t even give me any medicine. He told me it was an over-active nerve and just recommended I go shopping for tonic water. I left the doctor’s office, pissed, already thinking about how I would have to come all the way back and tell him I need some damn medicine.

What happened next?

  • I bought the tonic water on my way home.
  • The doctor instructed me to drink 200ml, I desperately overdosed on 1 litre
  • Half an hour later, 80% of the twitch vanished
  • 1 day and an additional 1 litre later, and the twitch was completely gone


FYI: The Quinine in tonic water is a muscle relaxant, and cures eye twitching. So if you get an eye twitch, get that ish, A-SAP.

After curing my twitching eye, I got a job almost immediately.


When you were last unemployed, what was your experience?

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2 Responses to Job Interview Swag (Job Swag Vlog #7)

  1. Jerry you’re hilarious! Congrats on the new job!

    I need you on my student blog you can inspire some young’uns and older ones (like me!). Lets do a video interview soon!

    The Educationally Frustrated Student


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