Yes, I uploaded this vlog, Ice Bath Challenge, to take advantage of the buzz around Ice-Water Bucket Challenge. And what?!

All them celebs getting involved and generating so much hype…how could I not jump on the bandwagon? (with my own twist).

I use ice baths primarily for cold exposure; it forces my body to generate more heat (through the loss of it), burning calories in the process. This is an additional way to burn calories – one can only burn so much with diet and exercise alone.

I also get cold exposure by running in just a t-shirt when it’s winter. Yes, I get odd stares from scarf and glove wearing folk but I also get that extra fat burn 😉

FYI – for fat burning, I use cold exposure in addition to both aerobics and fasting. The 3 combined makes fat fall off like it was tired of holding on!

I make my body fat drop as low as 6 percent when modelling for photo shoots. But generally I like to stay at around a healthy 8 percent.

They say the average man is around 15 percent body fat….sounds like some people need to take that Ice Bath Challenge!

Have you done any kind of ice challenge?

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