It’s Halloween, that time of year again, where we get to be our favourite monster. AKA, it’s that time we get to indulge the dark side of our human nature.

We get to hide behind character identities and openly fantasize about murder, superstition, and other taboo things….


Even though I’m not in costume this time around, I’ve definitely been possessed by the Halloween spirit.

I’ve master planned for a small horde of friends and I to watch the whole season 1 of Dexter.  I’m talking episodes, back to back, for no damn reason.

I might even mess around and throw a classic Freddy, horror movie in there.

I also bought a few bags of mini chocolates strictly for the random Trick or Treat children. But them kids better get to it before the munchies get to me lol.


They say on Halloween that the line between both the dead and living gets thin. In fact, it gets so thin that the dead walk the Earth. And the reason we wear masks and costumes is to hide our human identities from the walking dead….


What will / did you do for Halloween?

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