So I went on a TeamSport Go Karting trip with the office. And yes, I let the monster out.

It didn’t help my victims colleagues that at high-speed, it was impossible to make out who was who.

BLAM – sorry 5 foot 2 girl for giving you a bruise the same size as you.

SLAM – sorry boss…this isn’t going to affect my future promotion, right…?


Afterwards, one colleague even said, and I quote “Jerry – thanks for letting me go home to my wife and kids”.


And of course, I left with a few bruise souvenirs myself. The next day felt like a hard sparring session in the Dojo.

But it was all fun, maaan. Too much fun.

There’s something about the danger of TeamSport Go Karting that brings out the animal in you. Especially in a colleague setting – it allows you to shed all that forced politeness, and connect with your inner cave person. It’s that authentic survival of the fittest stuff.


If you break the rules at TeamSport Go Karting, they wave you down with a black flag. Then you have to go to the pit stop and get told off re-briefed.

Guess who got the most black flags, by far?  😉

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