The Avon rep strategy of how to get rich, quick:

  1. Join Avon and buy more catalogues than you can afford
  2. Post said catalogues into the homes of total strangers
  3. Don’t forget to give the total strangers INSTRUCTIONS
  4. Sit back and watch the total strangers give you their hard earned money!

Damn – looks good – maybe we should all join Avon 🙂

I’m just playing.

I’m familiar with the business model of Avon (network marketing), and actually believe it provides entrepreneurs with the potential to generate good money. And so do reputable figures, such as Robert Kiyosaki.

My problem with Avon in particular is the out-dated, posting through the doors of strangers with abandon. FYI – this method was made popular by Avon employees who made a ton of money before the year 2000.

But times have changed.

We now have the popularity of social media, mobile apps, etc. As an Avon ENTREPRENUER there is no excuse for not doing research to find INTERESTED prospects.

It is now simply laziness to randomly throw catalogues through the letter boxes of total strangers. And it is simply rude to give said strangers damn instructions – who the hell are you?!

What do you think about the Avon reps?

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