First of all, I need to say that Kai (the host of this vlog) is a true creative spirit. It’s simply amazing and inspiring to witness her grab this idea, randomly record it with me, edit it, then upload it before I had even reached home. Check out her blog:

I digress.

It’s true, as I say in this vlog, I adapt my way of speaking to the person I’m speaking with. And I believe, at least subconsciously, all humans try to adapt to each other. It’s part of our very nature. After all, we’ve become really good at adaptation – with millions of years of experience – evolving and adapting to our ever changing environment to survive….

However, I do understand why adapting regular speech to “fit in” might bother some people. Especially those who have a strong cultural identity, and may perceive themselves as being weak for adapting to another cultural norm.

This is an intriguing debate, and one I’m sure that strong cases can be made from both sides. Is adapting ones’ speech or accent normal or signs of insecurity?

What do you think?

4 Responses to Speech or accent insecurity?

  1. Channy says:

    Very interesting, me myself I’ve always changed my speech and accent, especially with my clients I would mainly do it to make them feel comfortable, if with someone who spoke articulately I would, if with a younger client who spoke slang I would speak not with slang but just with better understaning to them, I suppose would go onto the speech or accent level they are at, when with my family I speak East end of London with the accent as well as they are all cockney, but when ever I do my accents I do it without knowing I do it, suppose it comes naturally and yes do think it’s an insecurity of mine as well. when in meetings I would speak posh and articulate as felt I would be taken seriously especially with the job I went into I needed to as I was so young and wasn’t taken seriously as was very young (18years) so needed to be articulate, I had to learn as spoke “street” before this.
    Fab point never really thought about it as in depth till now. When I think about it, it’s the same in grammar and writing, we also adapt that to whom ever we are writing too as well.

    • Jerry the HuMan says:

      Hey Channy!

      Ah – good insight – I missed that: we adapt our speech to not only make ourselves comfortable but others, too. And I suspect that most people do it at a subconscious level. Personally, even though I’m conscious of it, it pretty much happens on auto-pilot.

      I’m in the same boat as you – speaking PURE “street” before the corporate world. I can remember speaking to management and saying “yeah” instead of “yes” and – strait away – thinking doh! (Homer Simpson voice). But hey, adversity only makes one stronger!

      I’m loving these kinds of topics maaan. It’s the type of topic that a lot of people experience but don’t talk about….

      It feels good to have a conversation on this, and get to know your experience!

      • Really nice to see that this vlog has sparked a conversation! I’m looking forward to the next one. Jerry The HuMan – thanks for your insight!
        Ah, you can check out my blog post on this and other topics here;

        Looking forward to seeing your new vlogs Jerry The HuMan!

        • Jerry the HuMan says:

          Yup, this is a classic debate, so thought provoking. And you started it by sharing your experience – thank you. I think you’ve given a lot of people some food for thought!

          Looking forward to more Jerry and Kai collabs!!

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