What exactly is a vlogger?

Well, technically, a vlogger is somebody who films (or films themselves talking about) interesting things that happen in their lives. And then they upload the video to a public platform to show it off share it.

But if you ask me, I think a vlogger is much more. So much more.

What is a vlogger?

  • A vlogger is the future; if TV killed the radio star, video is murdering the picture
  • A vlogger shares negative experiences with total strangers going through similar experiences, creating comradery
  • A vlogger shares positive experiences with total strangers, brightening somebody’s day
  • A vlogger is capturing the golden moments of their life – moments they’ll never get back – and immortalising them
  • A vlogger gets to look forward to sharing their golden moments with their grand kids, and allowing their grand kids to show it to their grand kids!

And, as a vlogger myself, I must say vlogging is therapeutically addictive.

I’d even go as far as to say vlogging is spiritual. There’s something about releasing your thoughts into the world, to be captured by fellow humans – it creates bonds.

I believe it’s these bonds that spur viewers of my vlogs to comment, private message, etc.

So what is a damn vlogger? I say it’s all the above.

Watch one of my favorite vlogs, below!


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