So I’m on YouTube and happen to click on vlogger Kai’s video made by Facebook themselves. It had pictures of her (first posted, most liked, etc) moving majestically to nostalgic music. Facebook made her look epic – and I wanted them to epic-a-size me, too.

A quick hunt revealed that it was Facebook’s 10th birthday, and it was celebrating by giving its users personalised videos.

Another quick hunt and I tracked down the celebratory Facebook URL, where all the magic was happening, to find…. ONLY 6 DAMN PICS OF MINE AND A “THANK YOU”.

Where was my epic video? This was some kind of error, surely. They wouldn’t just do that to me….right?

Further hunting revealed that Facebook was only making videos for users that either shared consistently or were members for a long time. Everybody else would get the 6 pic “thank you”, and some would even just get a “thank you” (damn that’s cold).

Now, I know I’ve notoriously neglected my Facebook account (I do a lot of other stuff, maaan). But I’ve been on Facebook for years, and have a lot of stuff on it. How could they do me like that?!

The icing on the cake? Every time I logged into social media, somebody was sharing their Facebook video – It felt like everybody had one, except me. I just sat back, with my extra-hungry face on, watching….

Facebook alookback

Long story short, I decided to upload my own Look Back (Job Swag) video. Watch my career chronicles, so far!!

Did you get a Facebook vid? What did you think?

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