The sequel to F*@k Facebook Look Back – I got Job Swag Look Back (when it looked like Facebook had decided not to give me a Look Back video).

….I remember it like it was yesterday – because it was yesterday (see what I did there?)….

About to visit an underground website of stolen borrowed digital goods, I opened up a browser which was not my usual. And, somehow, I managed to accidently go to the Facebook Look Back URL…where I found my Facebook Look Back video waiting for me….


Questions: Was my video now appearing because I was using a browser that could show it? Or did Facebook finally find it in their heart to bless me with a personalised, epic video?

Answer: Who cares – I got my damn Facebook video!

And it was everything I expected. Particularly, I was pleasantly surprised to see pictures I had not seen in ages (they were buried in my albums).

And it was great to find out that my most “liked” picture is of my baby brothers and I. It’s one of my favourites, and it’s good that it’s a public favourite, too.

Yeah, I was a little tempted to use the newly available edit feature to include / exclude pics (the current video shows my second most liked pic as only having 2 likes – which indicates it only took a small selection of my pics to compare – I have other pics with more likes). But f*@k it – I’ve already uploaded the vid to YouTube – and I have better things to do than delete it, edit a new one, download it off Facebook then upload it to YouTube again lol.

What do you think of the Facebook Look Back videos?

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