This track is from my mixtape Perverted Poems: Perverting the course of rap

My Girl’s Hula Hoop (Right Round remix – Flo Rida ft Kesha)

My girl’s round like a hula hoop
I tell her come round like a hula hoop
Twist her panties round like a hula hoop
Lick my tongue round her hula hoop

She falls down like a hula hoop
Gyrates on the ground like a hula hoop
Then I stick her down town and hula hoop
Smiling, can’t frown and hula hoop

But you can make sounds and hula hoop
So glad I found this hula hoop
So great could crown this hula hoop
Queen of the roundest hula hoops

More than a noun, her hula hoop
More like Heaven bound, her hula hoop
I’m in Heaven now, her hula hoop
So deep you could drown

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