Happy Birthday to Me – In Da Club remix (50 Cent)

[Verse 1]

Every morning I rise, I feel alive
If there weren’t ceiling I’d touch the sky
Only got one life, don’t ask why
I get dress with a birthday smile

SMILE, enjoy the present
Unwrap bills like it’s a present
Why? ’cause it means you got ish
Tramps got no cake, your life is choclate

With candles on top it
Blow out the candles, make your top wish
I wish I don’t see haters today
I wish I just see paper today

Want paper today, but i feel rich bitch
’cause my girl blow bithday kisses
Surpirse me with birthday lips-es
(Kiss) – surprise

[Verse 2]

Could be my worst day, still my birthday
Still have the best fun in the worst way
Jesus birthday is a church day
My birthday’s more like an earth quake

It last Friday to Thursday
Then it just start again, you heard me?
Haters hating, why they hating
They chat like i can hear what they saying

What they saying? My loud birthday
Music drown them out when it’s playing
(chorus bit) and it’s playing
Your birthday’s coming, just be patient

Or say f*** it, have one everyday
No doe? have one anyway
Which way? have one every way
Anyway, everyday

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