Batman Rap

Verse 1

A pretty chick said can she come round
duh…..I made the dumb sound
She come round and bought a bum, wow
I got less sleep than a young child

Morning was all about red bull
charged in work late, like a red bull
man, no judge, I feel dreadfull
deadful, aches? I got a head full

I say i won’t  do it again, no
then my mobile phone blow
more, late night fun, oh
afterwork let me know

Verse 2

My dude said he got a money move
and am i down?  ha – you funny dude
say when, were, i’ll be round, pow
he said it’s out of town now

morning was all about red bull
my eyes red just like a red bull
jumper hiding my un-ironed shirt
rush for work mad rush for work

I say i won’t do it again, yeah
then i go do it again, yeah
Then i look at the sky, prayer
After work call me

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