This track is from my mixtape Perverted Poems: Perverting the course of rap

Bad Day at Work – Locked Up remix (Akon ft Styles P) ft Da Deliverer

I hate the office man, that’s fact
Rats think it’s cool to hiss at cats
Cats think it’s cool to bark at dogs
’till they get bitten, there’s the boss – sick em

Bosses like to act bully
But to strangers on street they act woolly
Soft like please don’t hit me
Don’t hit me, Jerry don’t hit me

Hitting boss would be funny as hell
if boss died, that would be funny as well
I get caught, that would be funny in jail
I get out, that would be funny on bail – funny

…Just playing man
But don’t F*** with me, just saying man
I’m just trying to break out the rat race
before I break out a rat’s face


Stuck in an office chair
Don’t wanna be there
Don’t really feel fine
Waiting for home time

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