This track is from my mixtape Perverted Poems: Perverting the course of rap

B.F.F. – B.M.F. “Blowing Money Fast” remix (Rick Ross)


I think I’m Rick Ross, yeah Rick Ross
Not a star, but I gets off
Find reasons to hate, you can get lost
Yeah mate, you can get lost


[Verse 1]

Think I’m Rick Ross, yeah Rick Ross
But I’m not fat black I’m a fit boss
Got the 6 pack, look at the 6 pack
Let your chick look she might wanna kiss that

Mwah – she might want you get that
Can’t get it, she gone think your shit’s wack
’cause your shit’s wack, too much quick snacks
Too much beer, the wrong kind of 6-pack

And f*** smoking, yeah hun you can bun outside
but don’t leave the door open
’cause it’s cold, and i’m hot,
Real hot, could burn fire up


[Verse 2]

These cats mad that i’m bossing
Everyday hustling, Rick Ross-ing
Got the 6-pack, look at the 6-pack
Let your girl look she might wanna lips that

Mwah, shout out to the chicks that
look so good kitty kat look like kit kat
Mwah, I might want to lips that
I need space, tell your boyfriend get back

Get back, get back
Said it 3 times so you get that
You spit rap, I spit facts
Don’t front, this is a sick track

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