My fav quote in this Will Smith video goes something like “the person who thinks they can, and the person who thinks they can’t, are both usually right”. I’ve been BOTH those cats, many times….

Example – I was skinny for most my life, up until about age 26. How skinny? 6 foot 1, 10 stone…scrawny enough for my ex-girl to admit “Jerry, you’ve got no ass”, right after we broke up. She said it comfortably too, knowing there was nothing I could criticize on her Beyonce-licious body.

“Jerry, you’ve got no ass”


Ironically, I did go gym back then to build muscle. A little got built, but I found myself telling myself why I couldn’t build a lot: didn’t have proper time, needed to read another gym book, lazy training partners quitting….

Then it happened. I won an audition at my uni to act in Shakespeare’s play Othello, as Othello himself. Yeah, it was the lead role. And there’d be paying audiences there – including hot uni girls. And, don’t ask why, I invited that ex-girl who called me “no ass” to one of the performances. And I invited an Egyptian ex-model I fancied for over a year (long story).

And then I found out that during a scene I’d have to strip all the clothes off my top half….EXPOSING MY SKINNY NAKEDNESS TO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE-ITY….might not have auditioned if I knew that ish.

On top of exposing my matchstick-man frame, the exposure would damage the believability of my Othello character (a character I had to spend months learning and rehearsing). Why? Othello was a sword-fighting war hero, winner of crazy man to man combats – it would not work visually for me to present a matchstick version of him.

I couldn’t even pull out of the play if I wanted to – had already invited mad friends. I invited mad fam too. Everybody was in anticipation…

Oooh, the pressure was high…

Long story short, it was sink or swim. And I was ready to put on deep-sea diving gear.

With the show deadline coming right at me, it’s interesting how all my excuses for not putting on muscle vanished. It was time to man-up and see what I was made of. F*** it. I went strait from thinking “I can’t” to “yes, I can” on some Obama ish.

I ate better, my gym workouts found purpose, and I stopped missing workouts. Well, a couple workouts got missed but Jerry was focused maaan. Once I even came to an Othello rehearsal late, strait from gym, and the play director let me know she was PISSED!

By the time the first Othello performance started, I had built mad muscle and weighed past 12 stone for the first time in my life. And I was looking good, looking like the damn man-conquering army-general Othello I was suppose to be playing.


FYI: I must have had an Oscar-winning performance because me and that Egyptian ex-model kissed for the first time that night.

Since then I’ve been able to weigh past 13 stone, near the top end of my healthy weight range. The muscle helped get me paid sex-symbol roles, and modelling assignments. Boom!

AND girls complement me on my ass (had to be said).

In conclusion, assuming good health, today I’m convinced me or you have the potential to do whatever the hell we put our passion to. Even the ugliest caterpillar among us can turn themselves into a butterfly of success.

However, just because a caterpillar has the potential to change into a butterfly doesn’t mean it will. In fact, MANY caterpillars don’t change into butterflies. It’s true, they catch a disease and die prematurely….the illness is called Get-Eat-By-Hungry-Bird-i-tis.

Humans have a parallel illness, it’s called Won’t-Try-Because-I’m-Scared-o-sis. It doesn’t cause physical death like in the caterpillars’ case, it causes something much worse: the death of dreams.

This boogeyman illness, literally scaring dreams to death, is an epidemic. Hell, you’ve probably already caught it and don’t even know!!

They say the only cure is bold belief. I’m talking about delusional, ignorance on fire, fake it ’till you make it, BELIEF.

“The person who thinks they can, and the person who thinks they can’t, are both usually right”

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