This vlog is random, maaan….

Long Hair vs. Short Hair

In this vlog, I tell the girl that long hair is better (more attractive) than short hair. And it’s fact.

A lot of girls see their favourite female celebrities (Hale Berry, Amber Rose, etc) with short hair, and assume it makes the celebs look hot. But it’s actually the other way around: the celebs are making the short hair look hot.

So why, on a girl, is long hair more attractive than short hair? Evolution. Men have evolved to be attracted to a women’s femininity. And long hair is more feminine than short hair.

When you see a female celebrity look hot with short hair, she’s looking hot DESPITE having short hair.

Paul McCartney Fail

Yup, you saw me wait outside HMV to capture Paul on camera, and fail epically.

Why didn’t the staff let everybody know that Paul wasn’t coming out anytime soon? Or, at least, they could have asked him to pop his head out for a minute – so those of us on our damn lunch break could get a quick pic and keep it moving.

Rappers who diss employees

It’s crazy: some famous rappers have a habit of dissing employees, when that’s where most of their sales come from. And what’s even crazier is that us employees let them get away with it….

Personally, I don’t listen to rappers who diss employees. I’m not a masochist.

What do you think of this random ass vlog?

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