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Noisy Neighbours

A group of loud voices and music woke me up like 4am in the morning, on a damn work day. And my immediate reaction was to gorilla somebody. I literally picked up and stared at my phone for a whole minute, thinking about if I should call some friends down to help me shut down my neighbours’ vampire party. It was a real life moment of truth…

I’m sooo glad I didn’t…it’s right where I live, this random plan probably would have ended up in me & co getting a free ride to a police cell, if you know what I mean. Of course, not going crazy where one lives is not new wisdom to me but when anger is present, so is temporary insanity.

Instead, in the morning when I had calmed down, I knocked on the door to talk. When nobody answered, I made a quick note and pushed it through the letter box (to let them know I was pissed).

Anyway, long story short, my neighbours have calmed down on the loud music, so it’s all ice cream.

And what’s really crazy is my neighbour turns out to be a Facebook friend of mine, a girl with young children. I sent her a Facebook message like YO – I’m that neighbour – she was shocked as hell lol.

My friends teased me, saying I was ready to call back-up for a girl. Jokes. Yup, the jokes were flying.

What are your neighbours like?

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