Mad Man Swag

I suspect the “mad man” in this video is a drug addict. I made fun of the women’s clothes he DECIDED to wear (he asked for it) but, in retrospect, I’m sure the clothes were a cry for help.

I wonder at what exact point in life he started to fall apart. I mean, all addicts are born “normal”, and go to school “normal”….

When aged about 14 or 15, I had a childhood friend who was “normal”. We got girls together, went to fight people together, and all that boy stuff. Long story short: I went on holiday to Feltham Young Offenders Institution (for 2 and a half years), came back and he was an addict, searching bins for food.


I have no idea where he is right now. I hope he’s alright.

Finding Money

We I found 50 pence, in this vlog – brightened my whole day. The sky was a little bluer. The air was a little fresher….

Bowling Fail

As you’ve seen, I had a few Bowling Fails. But I still won. And I believe it states, somewhere in the Bowling Manual of Yoda, that if you win, you can just go ahead and pretend the fails didn’t happen B-)

Did you go on any office outings recently? Anything crazy happen?

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