In this video, you heard me say I wouldn’t waste anymore time… sounded like I was about to grab my CV and start emailing it out like whoa (Black Rob voice).

Well, that didn’t happen.

I didn’t start job hunting properly until a month later. Before then, I was still living in the fast lane like I was still working (I even visited Paris).

Before you start shaking your head in disapproval, bear in mind, I hadn’t been unemployed for over 3 years prior, so I guess I needed time to adapt… Then again, that was wack as hell, feel free to shake your damn head.

Finally, not having a job became more painful than job hunting.  Then I started emailing out CVs. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse….I developed a twitching eye.


I’ll continue this crazy story in my next post, Job Swag Vlog #7.

What do you think of all this so far?

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