Going back to my mum’s house on Xmas, always feels like travelling back in time.

It’s fun nosing around the bedroom I grew up in (which is now ruled by my second, youngest brother). It’s also fun rediscovering the rest of the house. And, of course, it’s always fun being treated like a baby by my mum, and treating my younger brothers like they’re still babies.

And just when I think Xmas can’t get better, childhood partners in crime friends decide to pop by (probably while visiting their neighboring parents). That’s when the classic, street stories are passionately re-told….mostly chronicles of both crime and seduction….relics of a past life.

I also find these Xmas gatherings a little sad. Why? Because there’s always that time of good-bye hugs and, at that moment, I’m not sure when I’ll see anybody again. I’m travelling back to Planet Jerry, where there’s no time to spare, and master plans being worked on 24-7. And I’m sure that everybody else has their own planetary, time-consuming situations.

But at least we can conveniently keep up with family and friends via social media like Facebook. A quick scan of our feed, and we’re instantly updated on multiple days of activity. Hallelujah!

What happened at your Xmas?

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