When I was in primary school, George Irvin’s funfair was a magical event. It was a dream land of fun rides, exciting prizes to win, and CANDY FLOSS.

FYI: My mum always bought a bag of candy floss for my brother and I to share. And with 2 greedy mouths and 4 nimble hands, the candy floss always died way too fast for my liking. I plotted on the monumental day of when I’d be able to afford my own bag of candy floss!

And now George Irvin’s funfair has changed….

Actually, the funfair is the same; it’s me that has changed. I’m older, wiser, and able to see the funfair BUSINESS. A group of business people whose main purpose is to extract as much profit as they can from customers.

And I might have understood, and not written this post, if the funfair business wasn’t also SCAMMING us.  You only have to Google “funfair scam” to see how well known it is.

After getting ripped off in the win-a-prize competition (in this vlog), I’ve decided to only pay for funfair rides, in future. At least I’ll get what I pay for!

For me, it’s a little sad to realise that funfairs have hidden agendas. It’s like finding out the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, all over again lol.

What do you think about George Irvin’s funfair?

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2 Responses to George Irvin’s Funfair: Fun but how Fair? (Job Swag Vlog #10)

  1. Johanna says:

    They advertised weekdays 1 token each ride and weekends 2 tokens. We went on a Friday. Tokens cost 1.20. They charged a pound each for us to get in and a lot of rides wanted 2-4 tokens from you and staff
    were unfriendly. I much prefer Benton’s funfair.

    • Jerry the HuMan says:

      Lol – I feel your pain. I recently bought one of George Irvin’s 10 token deals for £10 – it lasted 10 minutes. And yup, the staff never look friendly….but hey, their at work watching everybody have fun without them!! Lol. I need to check out that Benton funfair….

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