First, let’s address the “elephant in vlog” (see what I did there?): there are waaay too many F-bombs exploding. Even I was watching it back like slow down, Jerry, who do you think you are? Paul Walker? (too soon?).

There’s something about being in a murderous storm that brings the verbal animal out of one. Or should I say, reveals the verbal animal of one. After all, that’s what we are, animals pretending to be anything but….

I digress.

The same day I filmed this vlog, the storm killed 13 people. What’s scary is that each of those people woke up that morning, and decided to do exactly what you and I decided to do: Ignore the storm and continue the day as normal. I still went to both gym and work, as you see in the vlog, and they still went where they planned…

In this vlog, what if one of those giant-sized, tree branches decided to crash down on my head? (I walked under them on my way to the gym). What if the storm had decided to swiftly end your days?

It’s times like this that serve as a reminder of our mortality, and how precious life is. And that we ONLY LIVE ONCE.

So take care, and live like you only live once!

What’s your thoughts on the storm?

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